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[Review] Sony 3-in-1 Walkman NWZ-WH505 – Tried & Tested

The 3-in-1 Sony Walkman is Music’s Best Friend! – Your Music, 3 Ways!


What may seem like a huge set of wireless headphones is actually a digital music player, headphones and speaker all in one! I was shocked when I first saw it, but after days of trying it on, I was almost in love with it and here’s why…

Design & Packaging

Presented in a black and transparent box, you can see how the Walkman looks like from the outside. Beneath it is another smaller box which contains the instructions manual and the required cables. Not too fancy-looking.

For the design of the Walkman itself, I pretty much like the red-black overall colour combination – sleek yet a tinge of quirkiness. I have to admit that it looks rather big on me when put on, and felt that it suited more for the males. Ladies, if you’re going for a dainty, demure look, then this isn’t what you should be looking for, but if it’s a present for your other half, then I’d say quick go get a set.

The padding of the earphones are rather comfy but I guess because of my small-built figure, it does take me some time to find the right angle and length.


As mentioned countless of times, by now you should have know that this is a 3-in-1 Walkman player we’re talking about and ultimately, I was curious about the 3 main functions this player that has – And it didn’t disappoint.

When my friends and colleagues asked me about the huge what it seems to be like headphones, I immediately told them the 3 main functions of it and they went ‘Woah…’!

It’s a good set of headphones for dancers around too. As it’s wireless and tightly secured on the head, I personally think it’s good for a dancer who wants to practice their moves before a competition, event or even during practice. For the hip hoppers and street dancers out there, with the amazing bass boost that you’re looking for, feel free to hip, pop and lock with this set as you choreograph your next move.

Sony Walkman WH505


Music has always been a companion wherever we go. Be it short distance bus rides to block out noises or long flights to ease our ears, sometimes we just use it for pure entertainment and music appreciation. Though a little big on me, the headphones suited well and I love how it’s wireless. It means I don’t have to worry about coiling my wires properly. Just out from the bag and pop to the ears. A perfect way! Additionally, there’s no need to worry where to place your music player/phone – on your hands, in your pocket or bag?

Digital Music Player

Store all your favourite songs inside the player and listen on the go. Although you are not able to view the song list, you can choose to toggle between playing at random or in alphabetical order. If you choose the latter, you can also skip the entire ‘folder’ to the next. My advice would be to categorize your music according to artists or albums to ease the flow of music.


When you want to switch the beat or listen outdoors and still hear what’s around you, simply hang your 3-in-1 Walkman® around your neck and activate the surround sound speakers at a touch. Pump out a truly immersive, out-loud listening experience created by a combination of our proprietary xLOUD™ and VPT Air technologies VPT for Speakers technologies.

It can go as loud as any normal mobile phones’ speakers do, and loud enough to safely say it ‘blasts’ while played in a room. Well, it isn’t as loud as a plugged in speaker with adjustable tremor and bass, but this little beauty packs some pretty solid bass that will please the music aficionados.

Another way to enjoy music on the go is to use this speakers! As they are built on the sides, facing up near to your ears, tune it to an ideal volume and let the music play while the Walkman sits on your shoulder, around your neck. It’s a pretty cool feeling and you’ll be surprised, people around you may not be able to hear what you’re listening to! – Which in turn doesn’t make you a public nuisance by ‘forcing’ people to listen to your songs. I’ve asked the people around me in close proximity and most of their replies were ‘What? Listen to what? I can’t hear’. Bingo!

Sony Walkman WH505

Music Quality

Switch between sound modes for dynamic, enhanced bass, or clear, sustained mid-to-high range vocals – whatever suits your style of music

I’m in awe when it came to songs that were focused on its bass. The base boost in this set of headphones is mind-blowing! When listening to ‘Taeyang’s Ringa Linga’, my eyes widened as I stared in space, listening to the heavy beats against my ears, as if I was in a club, feelings its vibrations pumping straight to my heart. It was THAT good.

Other personal song recommendations with the Song Walkman NWZ-WH505:

  • Maroon 5: Payphone, One More Night
  • CL: The Baddest Female
  • SNSD: I Got A Boy
  • David Guetta: Titanium
  • Usher: Yeah

When it came to songs that were acoustic or pop, it wasn’t that awe-inspiring, but a good-enough set of music headphones, though sounds modes could be changed. Remember to switch modes to a clearer and dynamic sound mode when playing other songs like Emeli Sande’s Clown & Next To Me, if not most of the music will be clouded by the bass of the tunes rather than her impeccable vocals.



You can keep the music playing all day long with a full charge of 20 hours and built-in storage of 16GB on the WH505 – that’s enough for up to 4,000 tracks. Or plug in the WH Series as comfortable headphones and use the supplied cable to listen to music, radio or Internet streaming straight from your smartphone or tablet.


At A Glance

  • 3 different ways to listen, 1 stylish design
  • Go wire-free with a wearable digital music player
  • Listen out loud through built-in speakers
  • Play smartphone music on powerful headphones


  • Store up to 4,000 tracks on the built-in 16GB music player*
  • Listen for up to 20 hours on one full charge; 1 hour from a quick 3 minute charge
  • Hear rich, powerful bass with a 40mm dome type headphone driver unit
  • Play music through built-in stereo surround sound speakers
  • Get detailed sound at any volume from closed, dynamic headphones with 1000mW input power, 105db/mW sensitivity, 40Ω impedance and a wide sound range of 5–25,000Hz
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Play tracks in a wide range of formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC-LC, and Linear PCM
  • Available in black with an illuminated LED Walkman® logo




The WH Series is a new concept for enjoying your music the way you want. It brings together years of audio and headphones expertise from Sony to offer you studio sound and comfortable listening wherever you go. I personally love this set of 3-in-1 Walkman player and feel that it’s not only convenient, sound qualities from my favourite singers are not compromised by its stylish design.

Find out more about the product at Sony’s website.

The new Walkman® NWZ-WH505 is available at S$249 in all Sony stores and authorised outlets!



Thank you WE and SONY team for letting me review this set of Walkman NWZ-WH505 3-in-1 player!

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