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Little angel: Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley

In my past entry, I blogged about Juliana wetmore, the girl without a face and yesterday, I was introduced to another angel, known to be the smallest girl in the world – Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley.

Kenadie stands 33 inches tall and weighs 17 pounds, (83.8cm, 7.7kg) roughly the size of an 18-month-old toddler. But this little girl is 7.

Kenadie has an extremely rare form of dwarfism classified as primordial dwarfism, which means, unlike most little people, Kenadie’s head and limbs are also proportionally small, giving her a doll-like appearance.

This is Kenadie

Just look at her, you may not notice it but she somehow makes you smile. I feel the genuine happiness coming from this little kid. She is definitely a small girl living in a big big world.

She is a medical wonder and everytime she goes for checkup and scans, my heart breaks for her. Because she is so small, some of the medical instruments actually do hurt her. Like the ear test she did during one of her checkups.

She will always face serious medical threats because the bones of primordial dwarfs are very thin, putting them at high risk for breaks. There’s also the danger of scoliosis, a curvature of the spine and heart issues.

Perhaps the greatest threat to Kenadie — one that must be watched her entire life — is the risk of an aneurysm, a bulge in a blood vessel that can suddenly burst and kill.

“I just want to hear her cry. … If she cries, then she’s alive,” Kenadie’s mother said she remembered thinking. “And then we just heard this tiny, tiny little meow.”  (source)

I always smile whenever Kenadie says Hello! :)

Kenadie is extremely cute to me and she has a strong fighting spirit that not all of us posses. She doesn’t quit, neither do her parents. She accepts fate and so do her parents. She sees life as something beautiful, something interesting and exciting. Whereas we normal beings see life as a harsh, dark and skeptical world.

What is life when we know our future? What defines interesting if we knew everything. What can we call exciting when everything is stable and peaceful.

We learn, we hate, we strive. That’s survival. Think of this little angle before you start complaining and scolding combination of vulgarities. Stop and think at how fortunate you already are.

Smile and look forward to your exciting and interesting future.

Here are some videos of Kenadie.

22 Responses to Little angel: Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley

  1. Fabiano e Ligia (Brazil)

    God bless you and your family, in name of Jesus crist.

  2. Why aren’t there 2012 photos of kenadie jourdin bromley? I have been following this darling little Angel since ABC 1st introduced her. The photos shown here are of her younger years of 4 years & up. Is it possible you can post more recent photos? Thank you kindly.

  3. Her mom doesn’t post up to date pics cuz the thing named kenadie or as some ppl say kenatard is such bigger now an s she is a non employed money grubber that asks for donations. Her mom actually got lip injections and a breast augmentation

  4. Kendra is quite cute and does make you smile just to look @ her. How old
    Is she now and how is she doing what does she look like?

  5. I think that Kenadie Bromley is about ten (10) years old now, but she is only at the cognitive level of a kindergarten child. I am not sure, but Kenadie may still need to use diapers.

    I feel bad for whomever has to take care of her for the rest of her life. People might find Kenadie cute, but imagine that you had to clean her up and change her diapers every single day. She can’t write and is a very limited verbally. I hope that a miracle happens, so that Kendie can actually read and write well and not need diapers forever.

    • U don’t believe her Mother would nfot take care of her. I worked in a nursing home for years & it would be a pleasuring it would be a pleasure caring for her. Beside I do have faith in her brother to help her out

    • Am sure that those who care for her love her very much, and love makes those little inconveniences worth the time you get to spend with the object of your affections, a very special little life. I would not mind.

    • A good mother would never find caring for her child a burden you selfish piece of shit Paula. What kind of asshole thinks that way? Oh. You.

  6. there are a couple of comments on here that are totally absurd. Yes, Kenadie is a spiecal needs child. Yes, she will have to be taken care of for the rest of her life. It doesn’t mean that she is unloveable or her parents should give up on her because she is not a “normal” child. To those of you who have iffy or crappy comments about this priecous child, I hope that nothing devistating happens to you or your family. If it does, maybe you can just let you or your family member die and then you won’t have go be bothered.

    • Darcie Beattie

      Good for you and your comment children are blessings in all kinds of packages!!!
      Shame on those of you who say pitty this beautiful child ! She is precious and perfect
      Just the way she is and I am positive her parents wouldn’t
      Change a single thing about her. Keep your crappy
      Comments to yourself!!!!!

      • Dear Darcie! Do not get angry pls. Not all people can handle having such a “precious and perfect” babies. This is a very-very big, never ending stress for some. Wish all the babies with special needs were only born to a parents like you are.

    • my son died at birth for still unknown reasons. I would have taken care of his every need forever so please understand parents love their child and always consider themselves blessed to have their children alive and with them. she may not talk like we do but those around her can communicate in a way that becomes normal. any one csn become disabled at anytime… would you live them less? I hope everyone’s answer is alive is best… the rest we figure out.

  7. Kenadies mom is one of the special people and she is well aware of it. She knows how wonderful it is to have a unique person in her life. I also have a unique child and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

  8. Peggy Anderson

    This is a picture of pure beauty. She looks like I think an angel would look. Would love to have her, but am too old. She’s as GOD made her. She is GOD’S little angel and HE will help look after her. Too bad people can’t see the beauty here. Heaven sent. Earthly borrowed for a little while and hope she has the happiest life till she gets back home. Rest little angel. Mommie, you and daddy and Ty rest for now, because now is all we have. Love all of you. I’m a great-grandmother and this story speaks volumns about who GOD will choose for His children. I hope to meet you someday.

  9. have you lost your mind? how could see work and make enough to hire care for her daughter. I assume you do not deny she needs care. if your lived one suddenly became paralyzed or otherwise unable to care for themselves would you rather a doctor be able to
    “. put them to sleep” than you have their soul with you to still care for. my child died and I would have been happy to care for his every need forever.

    I agree she should only use donations towards care and living expenses but who’s to say what the situation was. would you offer to care for her child while she go to work… better yet would you hire her knowing the days off she would need for doctors appts and other care.

    I certainly hope karma doesn’t come your way.

  10. I want to know more about Kenadie for 2014. Yes, one can love a disabled family member.

  11. I think she’s pretty natural, and beautiful too, and she now can read words and short sentences, writes her name and easy phrases, and speak almost naturally, and she also wears glasses(I don’t know if they’re real)in her latest pics, she’s alittle bit bigger but she is still smaller than any other kid her age.

  12. God bless Kenadie and her family. First of all, unless you have given birth yourself, you are clueless. My only child is 22. After 5, yes 5 miscarriages, I would do anything to change diapers and need to do everything for her again. Do to many medical conditions, I was told by 3 doctors to do little as possible for her and get a lot of help with her or my medical condition will get worse faster. I was not going to loose out on the fun. I did everything. Rides, zoos, SeaWorld, roller skate, bike ride, etc. with the help of medicine and a husband pushing my wheelchair we enjoyed everyday together. As time went on, the doctors where right. At age 55, I’m now bed ridden from pushing myself to much in my daughters early years. I would never change a thing. I have the best memories with no regrets. This is what you do for your child. I didn’t want her to miss out on a childhood and she will do the same for her children. Kenadie, her family and friends, love will hold you together and let it shield you from all the nasty comments people say. It is usually a sign of guilt, anger, etc of something that they did or didn’t do and can’t change their own life so they need to vent to feel better and I’m sorry that these people are venting on you. Live your life the way you want to live it. When you lay your head down at night say to yourselfs, “today was great and tomarrow will be better. One day at a time, honey. One day at a time and will face it together.” Time is so short and a childhood is only about 16 years out of about 90. Enjoy it. At anytime, anywhere, anyone could die today in a car accident. Don’t waste time way from family and don’t point out faults and point fingers at others without looking at yourself and your own life. I’ll stop now cause I want to keep this short. By the way, did I mention humor goes a long way to? Anyone out there agree or disagree? Kenadie and family, I hope something in here has helped you and or for anyone else that has read this. Enjoy the Holidays everyone.

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